Writers Guild of America West president Chris Keyser has responded to the terrorist attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris with a call for tolerance.

“Today, as a guild, we reaffirm our belief in the free and open expression of ideas and in the pact all of us must make with each other, not to agree, but to be tolerant of that with which we disagree,” Keyser said in a statement.

“We stand with those, wherever they are, who write and speak their minds, which is a brave and necessary thing to do,” he added. “And we hope for ourselves and wish for others the resolve never to be silenced by fear.”

The WGA East also issued a statement.

“We are horrified that anyone would be murdered because of their satiric take on culture and politics,” said the statement. “Engaging the world through stories, through cartoons, through creative expression might sometimes anger or offend. We must all condemn the cold-blooded slaughter at Charlie Hebdo.”

The WGA represents 12,000 writers.