PARIS– Wild Bunch, one of France’s leading film companies, is reacting to the Charlie Hebdo rampage with the roll out of Chris Morris’ though-provoking comedy “Four Lions” for free on its digital platform FilmoTV.

Co-produced by Wild Bunch, the movie is a farce tackling modern jihadism in the comedic mode. It turns on four men living in the U.K. who are on a doomed mission to become soldiers.

Wild bunch describes “Four Lions” as “neither pro nor anti religious.” “It plunges us beyond seeing these young men as unfathomably alien. It undermines the folly of just wishing them away or, even worse, alienating the entire culture from which they emerge.  The jokes fly out of the characters’ conflicts, excesses and mistakes,” reads the film presentation on the company’s website.

The initiative to bring out the movie for free on FilmoTV reflects Maraval’s vow to keep fighting for freedom of expression in the aftermath of satirical mag Charlie Hebdo’s mass shooting which killed 12 people, including 8 journalists.

“It is the role of cinema to enable the light to shine through terror. We will continue (to fight for the freedom of expression) through films with more passion than ever. When people tried to prevent us from making (Abel Ferarra’s ‘Welcome to New York’), it gave us a tremendous energy, which I want to put into every project,”

The BAFTA-winning movie was produced by Film4 and Warp Films.