Watch: New Trailer for Ethan Hawke Drone Warfare Drama ‘Good Kill’

The first official U.S. trailer for the drone warfare movie “Good Kill” finds Ethan Hawke tormented by a remote war.

Combat now unfolds like a video game as Hawke — a former Air Force pilot with six tours of duty under his belt — works eight hours a day fighting the Taliban by remote control from an air-conditioned bunker. He soon begins to question the ethics of dropping bombs from the safety of his post in Las Vegas.

“Don’t ask me if it’s a just war,” his commander (played by Bruce Greenwood) says. “It’s just war.”

The movie from IFC Films reunites Hawke with his “Gattaca” and “Lord of War” director, Andrew Niccol. The film also stars January Jones, Zoe Kravitz and Jake Abel.

“Good Kill,” which debuted at the Venice Film Festival, hits theaters on May 15.