LONDON — Sam Taylor-Johnson’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been given an “18” rating in the U.K., meaning that no one below that age can see the film, which was passed uncut.

The British Board of Film Classification, which is the U.K.’s cinema censor, imposed the rating. It is tougher than the R rating imposed in the U.S., which allows those under 17 to see the film accompanied by an adult.

The film, which is based on E.L. James’ novel, features a dozen sex scenes and 20 minutes of sex in its 100-minute running time, according to the Daily Mail.

However, Taylor-Johnson did not include some of the more graphic parts of the novel. She told the Guardian: “I didn’t want it to be graphically explicit, and I know that’s going to be disappointing to some people… It’s the build up and titillation of touch and sensuality. So I don’t think it goes into the realm of porn.”