Twin Peaks” fans who happen to be in London in the next few months can sign up for an “immersive dining experience” at pop-up restaurant The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Named for one of the TV shows’ iconic phrases, the experiential dinners will likely feature cast members interacting with diners as characters from the 1990s show. The experience is curated by event company Lemonade and Laughing Gas and food designers Blanch & Shock.

Tickets to the three-course meals, which run from August 27 to October 16, are just over $100 and include a cocktail and admission to the “drinking den.” The full dinner experience, for diners 18 and over only, is meant to simulate “a tour of small-town America, and a slap up at the Double R, with some familiar faces here and there,” according to the event’s website. Entry to just the bar portion will simulate “a quick pit-stop at the RoadHouse, with potential to turn into a full on Red Room experience.” Though the menu hasn’t been released, it seems inevitable that the series’ signature pie, coffee and donuts will be served.

The show has a rabid cult following in the U.K., with the five-year old Twin Peaks festival set for October 3 and 4 in London. The Lynchian vibe can also be felt at Lynch’s Silencio nightclub in Paris, inspired by the club in “Mulholland Drive,” which has held pop-up events in Cannes and other French cities.

The reboot of the “Twin Peaks” series on Showtime is expected in 2017.