Disney Pulls Plug on ‘Tron 3’

tron legacy garrett hedlund olivia wilde

Disney decided to put the brakes on development of  “Tron 3,” the latest installment of the cult favorite that originated in the 1980s, because the studio could not find a place on its crowded slate as it looked all the way into 2018, according to an executive at the studio.

The team that had been coming together to make the film got word Friday that Hollywood’s top studio would not go ahead with the film in the foreseeable future, despite the franchise’s popularity and the fact that the 2010 version “Tron: Legacy” made nearly $400 million worldwide at the box office.

“We had never greenlit the movie, but it was in development for some time,” said one Disney executive, discussing the sensitive decision to table the project. “Things in the queue got ahead of it and we have such a big slate out in front of it, we started to think, ‘Where does it go?’ And it’s a pretty big investment to make if you are not even sure when you are going to release it.”

Disney was hoping to make the third “Tron” film for about the cost of the second, which had a budget of $170 million. It was expected that “Tron: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinki would return to direct a new film, with Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund to star. Preliminary preparations had been made in anticipation of filming in Vancouver, Canada.

When Disney looked out at its release horizon, though, it did not see a likely spot for the new “Tron” film.  Walt Disney Pictures already has “Jungle Book,” another “Pirates of the Caribbean”  installment, “Alice in Wonderland, “Pete’s Dragon” and “Beauty and the Beast.” And that’s not to mention other highly-anticipated projects, like director Tim Burton’s “Dumbo,” and a raft of mega-pics that are on the way from Disney’s premium-label subsidiaries — Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel.

There had been sufficient reporting about the film’s early development and buzz on fanboy sites that some observers had assumed Disney had given a formal greenlight to the production, but it never had. “I think it could resurface at some point but it’s not going to get the go button right now,” said another individual familiar with the project.

The 1982 original portrayed the life of a computer hacker who was abducted into a digital universe and conscripted into gladiator-style games. The Bridges character had to join forces with Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) to outwit a Master Control Program and regain their freedom.

News that Disney was not moving ahead with “Tron 3” was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Albert says:

    I just saw Tron Legacy. Not sure how it went under the radar for me. But honestly if this movie just came out it would still rock. Awesome movie and great graphics. Definitely need part 3. I’m a huge Star Wars fan but would definitely go Tron rather than Star Wars.

  2. Kevin R says:

    This is a gigantic mistake.

  3. Andrea Robinson says:

    Dude, this is major crap that Disney isn’t going to make Tron 3. I loved the original and Tron: Legacy. Ever since then, I was hoping to see a Tron 3.

  4. Jeratt Wollner says:

    Can’t tell you how disappointed I am to hear they’re not making a Tron 3. I enjoyed Tron Legacy even more than all the super hero movies that have come out and even more than the new Star Wars movie. I really, really hope they re-consider. I rarely go to the theater anymore but I’d be there day 1 for this.

  5. Remi76 says:

    I really hope to see the next movie without to long of a wait. These movies hold a special place in my heart and I love the story lines and actors in both.

  6. colsant8 says:

    The movies listed Disney is slated to release, I guarantee the majority will fail miserably. They’re gonna lose their arse on Dumbo, Petes Dragon and especially the new Pirates. 400 million made and they greenlit this crap?? Seriously, who the F is running the studio…a bunch of low IQ monkeys?

  7. Mayaman72 says:

    Bummed… First the cartoon series which was exceptional got cancelled on a cliffhanger ending and now this. The screenwriter was touting this as the empire strikes back of this series… Oh well…

  8. Fred says:

    Are you kidding me? Please tell me its not seriously being cancelled because they think movies like Beauty And The Beast and Dumbo are more important.

  9. Zach says:

    Music was amazing in Tron: Legacy. Sucks they pulled the plug on the next one. Was hoping that Tron had somehow survived and would somehow fight for the user once again!

  10. jaz says:

    i still hope they will come up with a tron 3 tron legacy was such a great movie i loved it ans so did my friends i was also looking forward to a third tron movie to come out becuause i loved the action in it and i can go on and on about how great it is but that would take a very long time but i just want it to come out soon

  11. Allen says:

    This is 2016 !! And Tron legacy is still my favorite movie, of all the awesome and great movies that have come out throughout years. I was really looking forward for a Tron 3 and I’m very disappointed that it’s not being released please go ahead with the movie I even if it takes 5 years I’ll still be here to see it and watch it over and over again. I promise making this movie won’t be a mistake!!

  12. Gliderdave says:

    Tron has always been a favorite for me, the first one was High Tech for it’s time and “Legacy” was awesome too, this has great potential as a continuing series just like the Avengers and Iron Man, I sure hope they find the time to continue this and not throw away a future block buster on some lame comedy, they should build a Tron park at Disneyland right next to the Starwars park.

  13. Batfan says:

    I think Tron 3 should be a Pizar film!

  14. ISpeakTruth says:

    TRON Legacy, you were amazing. Disney get your shit together and make TRON 3, or sell the rights to someone who will. Stop jerking us around and making us wait.

  15. Was checking in on a release date. Sad sad indeed. :( Still love Disney. I do agree though they should sub it out to another studio.

  16. michael says:

    this is total crap!! I have been waiting for tron and now you gonna curb it for more remakes seriously I have kids and while I will likely see the others just because of the kids I will now purposely wait until they are on dvd just on principle as this is by far one of my favorite movies and you are ditching it again for another series of remakes Super disappointing Disney

  17. Not going to see any of these bullshit movies. I wouldn’t have seen them anyway, even Pirates, because there have already BEEN enough Pirates movies and the Depp schtick is way past its born date, but now that I know what has to be sacrificed to put this flotsam from Disney out? No way. Come on. Jungle Book?! Dumbo isn’t even that good a story. A flying elephant. I’d rather see a Mr. Toad’s movie. Wait. Then again, I’m 44. Why are adult movies waiting behind cartoons yet again, and why these remakes that kids couldn’t give a company f- about and adults only go to because they think kids should see them? The dialogue in them sails right over kids heads anyway and are written for the parents.

  18. Tommy Mack says:

    Yes, a modern studio movie has to make triple it’s budget to break even (sorry people, but that’s how it works now). But Star Trek:The Motion Picture flopped. So Paramount made Star Trek 2:Wrath of Khan for a much much smaller budget… and started a very profitable franchise. Disney should lease this to another studio.

  19. Disney Lost says:

    You lost my money and I no longer wish to travel to Disney World

  20. Reticuli says:

    They killed it for fucking Dumbo?!

  21. Hendo says:

    Disney need to asses and look at their market place there is a huge appetite for Tron, how much money did they make in merchandise? Are they afraid it may water down the success of Star Wars. Hopefully they will reconsider as there is so much to come from the Tron franchise, Disney is a business and Tron 3 will make money.

  22. JD says:

    Is this for real? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard “We would make it but we don’t know when we would release it”.

  23. For God’s sake. They’re Disney. What’s happened to the magic ? Walt’s probably turning over in his cryo-pod.

  24. Kunta Kinte says:

    What’s not to say dysney, knows how to make movies climatic and always repeat series are difficult. But I like this record. Although now counts more desire for profit and not the atmosphere of the movie.

  25. Buck says:

    I think that we should look into nature and find out whether or not spiders have a gay gene. And if there are a bunch of rainbow spiders running around doing gay things with each other, then maybe the spiderman narrative could follow those “spider” inclinations with our beloved web slinging superhero.

  26. Range Raver says:

    When I went to the movie Tron there was a funny smell in the theater. After I sat down I realised it
    was coming from the screen the movie was that bad. When Tron 2 came out I avoided even driving
    past the movie house to navoid the smell.

  27. Bb says:

    Tron 2 was not profitable, despite the implication in this article. With marketing costs and splits with exhibitors it never reached black. This was an entirely business decision. It is pretty likely that a Tron 3 would be even less financially successful, and Disney has a lot of other irons in the fire.

    • Dub says:

      Actually, it was profitable, raking in $400M globally against a $170M budget. The reasons are listed under “other” for why they don’t want to continue this legendary series.

  28. Richwood7 says:

    Tron 1 was unique and fun and meshed nicely with computer lingo. Tron 2 was not as enmeshed in computer lingo and the graphics were disappointing.

    • The graphics were disappointing?

      I am tremendously sad that you slept through a film with awesome effects Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett looking absolutely gorgeous, and Jeff Bridges picking up his iconic role as Kevin Flynn, and instead only watched your own eyelids for two hours.

      The film is available on BluRay. There’s time for you yet Richwood7.

  29. Brillopad6911 says:

    This is so disappointing I don’t want to support Disney in some of their other ventures. This is one of those unique original franchises that should be kept going when all we seem to get now are reboots and remakes. Seems they don’t want to make anything original anymore. They think we are cattle and will go to just what ever they make.

  30. Dub says:

    Disney, how about something original and good for us older people too? You know, the ones that are buying most of the tickets to these movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be great, but after that, you need to have Tron 3 in the quiver to get more of my money. A remake of The Black Hole is way overdue.

    • DSykes says:

      Agreed! Ever since they announced Tron 2, I’ve been hoping for a Black Hole remake, especially with the little easter egg they left in the Tron 2 film.

  31. Ben Jones says:

    No Tron 3… but I get to look forward to “Jungle Book,” another “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Alice in Wonderland, “Pete’s Dragon”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Dumbo”?? Well… whoopty f**k’n doo!! Arrgghh!! So sad when “marketing” wins out over ‘creativity.’ There are 52 weeks in year!! 365 days!! If a movie is good… any one of them will do just fine! :/

  32. SSZ says:

    Another Alice in Wonderland? God damn give it a rest Disney. It’s not recovered after the last thrashing they gave it.

  33. twinstick says:

    Well, perhaps Tron 3 can find a spot somewhere out there. I did like Tron: Legacy and was surprised that it took in so much scratch according to the Worldwide box. It just isn’t like Disney to turn away a proven winner… Unless you count that whole passing on the CSI franchise 16 years ago.

  34. ithxsmir says:

    Oh yes, let’s reboot/remake a series instead of doing something at least somewhat original like bringing out a sequel. A brand new movie would be best, but at least a sequel is something that has new thoughts to it vs a remake.

  35. Bent says:

    There were too many other remakes/sequels in the way for this sequel.

    Based on Tomorrowland I get it.

  36. tonyee says:

    The chinese have hacked into one of the central cores and hijacked the DMA…so no data can be transferred and Disney had no choice until the wayward core can be halted….

  37. Ryan Kadlec says:

    it seemed that Tron was preparing for a reboot just like Warner Bros. rebooted Superman with Man of Steel. The reboot of Tron would include a new cast and crew, possible cameos by most of the cast from the original and Tron Legacy and a music score ala Hans Zimmer.

  38. jack says:


  39. Ryan Kadlec says:

    I think Disney would reboot the Tron franchise from scratch with a remake in a few years. Disney is planning to remake Pete’s Dragon, The Black Hole, Flight of the Navigator and The Rocketeer. Tron would soon in the remake list.

  40. lechaise says:

    Pete’s Dragon, a film that nobody wants, lives on while Tron is cancelled? Somebody needs a severe braincheck.

    • Dave J. says:

      Tron 3 is cancelled for the time being until Disney fulfilled those other projects! And because it was 8 years before Tron:Legacy was even made- I suspect that it’s going to be another 8 years before the Tron 3 is finally going to be made again!

  41. Andrew says:

    Disney Bean counters, are ” Lunatics ” . There is nothing complex in a third film , with ” Legacy ending on a open note .

  42. Ryan Kadlec says:

    That means Disney could reboot the Tron Franchise from scratch with a remake that Disney talked about during the early part of the millennium until they decided to do Tron Legacy.

  43. Andrew Lecksiwilai says:

    So I was never a fan of the original Tron probably be because I was born later and I felt that the special effects were not that great but the concept of the movie was phenomenal. Once I heard that Tron Legacy was being made and I knew then in the time of 2010 that our technology was far beyond what the original was. So a group of friends and Iwent to see this movie opening night on midnight and left the movie just totally blown away fell in love with this franchise and now to hear that this is being pooled and the third one is not going to actually move forward it is almost heartbreaking. Disney I can only tell you that if you made another sequel to legacy for the fan base that you have created which are new additions that this movie would succeed with a great premise

    • Dave J. says:

      You may have to wait, at least 8 years before the next Tron movie comes out since that was how long it took between the first Tron movie and Tron: Legacy!

  44. The Greek says:

    TRON is still alive! Even if Disney cancels the TRON 3 movie – USERS can keep TRON alive with a email account.

  45. Jimbo says:

    I’m disappointed — but decisions like this often change. I’ve been a lifelong Trek fan and have listened to the franchise’s eulogy more times than I could count, since the ’70s. So let’s see what happens to Tron. If Wendy Carlos is still around, I REALLY would like to see her score the latest Tron film. Her score for the original was what made the film, for me. I respect Daftpunk, but their efforts pale to those of Carlos. I think there may actually be a new Tron outing.

  46. J Moore says:

    This has everything to do with clooney’s bomb tomorrowland, I honestly don’t know how G is still working.

  47. It is so sad the comic book movies and remakes of remade of remade of remade movies are taking away from the diamonds in the rough like Tron. Like Disney isn’t big enough to do it. It isn’t like they are hurting for money. All their toys are made in China at 5 cents a pop. I just do not see the logic in this decision. It took so long for Tron 2 to become realized and with the emergence of Tron Uprising. Making Tron 3 would be a great idea. Computers are our future and Disney doesn’t recognize this? Ummmm hello. Tron is computer. Tron legacy prolly got countless kids interested in programming and data crunching. Truly a sad day. Variety if you edit this, you are no better than Disney. Support the constitution instead of being concerned of what people say that might offend others. Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished rights under this great nation of these United States of America

  48. Francisco says:

    I understand the heavy opening slate they have but TRON is a must there is so much to tell and is way more important for my generation (1977) than movies like Dumbo from Burton or even Beauty and The Beast. There is no opening available in the next 1096 days, really?

  49. hamilton says:

    Disney literally has more money than it knows what to do with. They own so much that they actually have to worry about competing with itself.

  50. pretendernx01 says:

    Ah yes, got to make room for all those remakes like Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo.

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