Warner Bros. is coming on board to co-finance “Tomb Raider” with Graham King and MGM  with Warners distributing.

Evan Daugherty has been tapped to write the script. His credits include “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Divergent” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

MGM acquired the film rights to the popular videogame in 2013 and partnered with King’s GK Films. King acquired the “Tomb Raider” rights in 2011 from Square Enix and will serve as producer.

The original “Tomb Raider” was published in 1996 by London-based Eidos, which is now part of Square Enix.

Paramount’s two films starring Angelina Jolie as the Brit archaeologist were released in 2001 and 2003 and grossed $432 million worldwide.

Warner Bros., which owned 20% of Eidos, subsequently launched development of a Tomb Raider project with Dan Lin producing, but the feature rights went to Square Enix after it bought Eidos in 2009 for $120 million.

In 2013, Square Enix released a “Tomb Raider” as an origin story rebooting the franchise, in which the player controls a younger Lara Croft who is shipwrecked and finds herself stranded on a mysterious island.

“Tomb Raider” is the latest in a growing list of MGM-Warner Bros. partnerships including
The Hobbit trilogy, “If I Stay,” “Hot Pursuit,” “Max” and “Creed.”

Daugherty is repped by UTA, Benderspink and attorney Jeff Frankel.

The news was first reported by Deadline.