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Threat to Movie Financing Model to Be Debated at Karlovy Vary

Andrew Renzi, the director of 'Franny' (above), will join a session on Hollywood

Franny Richard Gere
Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

PRAGUE — Movie business professionals attending the Karlovy Vary Film Festival will debate the European Parliament’s proposals for a digital single market, and the effect it will have on film distribution in Europe.

At the July 6 session is being hosted by the European distributors’ network Europa Distribution. The subject has distributors and producers watching keenly since they argue the changes would disrupt the independent movie business’ most reliable funding model, the system of selling film rights territory by territory to help finance production. The discussion will also look at the opportunities offered by online distribution.

The session is part of Karlovy Vary’s expanded and fortified industry events program, which ranges from surveys of promising works in progress to pow-wows on accessing Hollywood and a greater emphasis on international filmmaker training programs.

One high point, aside from a pitch and feedback session July 7 that helps coach the region’s most promising helmers and producers in placing their work abroad, is the July 9 session with TorinoFilmLab, a year-round global training program that will invite public participation to talks on Indonesian cinema and censorship, taboos and online conversations in the industry and festivals at the mercy of politics.

A panel dubbed “Understanding and Overcoming the Hurdles of Hollywood,” held at the posh Grandhotel Pupp July 5, will feature guidance from Milan Popelka of FilmNation Entertainment, “Franny” helmer Andrew Renzi, and Douglas Hansen of Endgame Entertainment and Endgame Releasing.

More sessions on copyright frameworks in the digital era, the announcement of 10 Lux prize contenders and an industry workshop on the growth of VOD markets in Europe will also draw input and generate insights needed to compete in the increasingly complex world of art film, cable and broadcast arenas, according to Karovy Vary industry chief, Slavka Stretavska.

Another preview of promising work, Docu Talents from the East, runs July 7 at Becher’s Villa, a historic hillside venue in the West Bohemian spa town, while the Czech Cinematography Fund will present a report on its strategies and challenges July 8, presenting a detailed analysis of how one of the nation’s primary film financing orgs backs local and international projects.

Find the full program here.