‘The Martian’ Rockets to the Top as Week’s Number One TV Ad Spend

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In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by iSpot.tv, Twentieth Century Fox claimed the top spot in TV ad spending with the contemplative sci-fi drama “The Martian.”

Starring Matt Damon as an astronaut attempting to get home from a chaotic mission to Mars, “The Martian” saw an estimated $5.9 million spent in TV advertising this week, with 1,176 national airings across 48 networks, led by CBS and Fox. Trailing behind “The Martian” in the second spot was Warner Bros. fantasy prequel “Pan,” which saw $4.2 million spent, bringing its lifetime total to date to $19.7 million in advertising.

Warner Bros. also claimed the third spot this week with the Robert DeNiro comedy “The Intern,” about a retiree who returns to the work place with endearingly comedic results. The film saw an estimated $4.03 million spent this week on 1,246 national airings across 41 networks, led by ABC and CBS.

Debuting in the fourth spot this week was Columbia’s animated sequel, “Hotel Transylvania 2.” The film, about classic monsters trying their hand at hospitality, saw a cool $3.04 million spent on 979 national airings across 37 networks, led by NBC and Univision.

Rounding out the list was Universal’s true life drama “Everest,” which spent $2.9 million this week, bringing its lifetime total through Sunday to $20.4 million.

Overall, the movie industry spent an estimated $46.9 million in TV advertising this week. Warner Bros. led the spending with an estimated 25.2% of that total, followed by Universal at 20.5%, and Twentieth Century Fox at 15.3%. NBC saw the most advertising dollars from studios, with an estimated $7.4 million pushed its way, while NFL Football led the way in programming with the most advertising money, with over $7.5 million spent among the various games.


Top Movie Commercials by Weekly TV Spend

Powered by iSpot.tv

$5.98M – The Martian

The Martian
Online Activity: 8.84% within the movie category*
National Airings: 1,176
Networks: 48
Top TV Spend: CBS, FOX, ABC
Creative Versions: 24
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $19.2M
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Started Airing: 08/23/15

$4.23M – Pan

Online Activity: 3.01% within the movie category*
National Airings: 1,001
Networks: 53
Top TV Spend: NBC, CBS, ABC
Creative Versions: 16
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $19.72M
Studio: Warner Bros.
Started Airing: 07/15/15

$4.03M – The Intern

The Intern
Online Activity: 4.18% within the movie category*
National Airings: 1,246
Networks: 41
Top TV Spend: ABC, CBS, NBC
Creative Versions: 28
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $24.72M
Studio: Warner Bros.
Started Airing: 08/17/15

$3.04M – Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2
Online Activity: 12.15% within the movie category*
National Airings: 979
Networks: 37
Top TV Spend: NBC, Univsion, CBS
Creative Versions: 34
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $12.36M
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Started Airing: 06/20/15

$2.92M – Everest

Online Activity: 9.87% within the movie category*
National Airings: 597
Networks: 40
Top TV Spend: CBS, NBC, FOX
Creative Versions: 18
Est. Lifetime TV Spend: $20.43M
Studio: Universal Pictures
Started Airing: 08/23/15

1 Movie titles with a minimum spend of $100,000 for airings detected between 09/21/2015 and 09/27/2015.
* Percent of digital activity captured across online video, social media, and search activity that was stimulated by these movie trailers and measured in comparison to all online activity in the movie category.

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