The Bronze” kicked off the 2015 edition of the Sundance Film Festival on a foul-mouthed note Thursday, sticking a dagger through the concept of hometown heroes and providing one of the raunchiest sex sequences in movie history.

The scene in question, one that involves pole vaults, cartwheels and pirouettes, was a constant source of amusement during a question and answer period immediately following the film’s premiere at the Eccles Theater.

“Right after this there’s going to be an audition for the sex scene in the sequel,” joked director Bryan Buckley.

Melissa Rauch, the star of the film and its cowriter along with husband Winston Rauch, said, “As for the sex scene, you write what you know.”

Her husband added that it gave the couple a chance to “show you what we do in our bedroom.”

“The Bronze” hit Park City with some of the festival’s strongest buzz. After the screening, some potential buyers huddled together, and the audience laughed loudly at much of the outrageous humor. However, privately some executives were divided on its commercial appeal.

The film centers on a former Olympic gymnast who won a bronze medal a decade ago, but has spent the ensuing years drinking, smoking pot and shirking responsibility. The central character comes off like Tonya Harding with more of an edge and deeper vulgar streak. Sebastian Stan and Gary Cole co-star in the film.

The Rauchs’ said they cooked up the story because bronze medals were “an international symbol of mediocrity.” Melissa Rauch add that she related to her on-screen alter-ego’s fall from favor because whenever she would return to her hometown while on a television show she’d earn free Wetzel’s Pretzels only to have the honor taken away after the program went off the air.

One thing Rauch, who co-stars on “The Big Bang Theory,” wasn’t responsible for was the gymnastic parts of the infamous sex scene with co-star Stan. That was left up to a body double.

“My body never looked better thanks to her,” she said.