Veteran comedy actor Steve Guttenberg is starring in the indie comedy “Lookin’ Up,” currently shooting in Los Angeles, Variety has learned exclusively.

Guttenberg portrays a bank teller who loses his job to an ATM and decides to murder his wife who’s cheating on him, his mother-in-law and his daughter, who has sold his beloved dog. His plans fail but he winds up being blamed when the women wind up dead in a series of bizarre mishaps.

Other cast members include Debra Sullivan as the wife, Fay DeWitt, Riva Rose, Diane Travis and Roger Kent.

The script was written by 88-year-old actor-writer Marvin Kaplan (“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and the “Alice” series). Johnny Crear is the producer. The director is T.J. Castronova (“Tales of The Dark Side”).

Guttenberg was a major star during the 1980s, best known for “Police Academy” and the first three sequels, “Diner,” “Cocoon,” “Three Men and a Baby” and “Short Circuit.” He’s worked regularly since with recent credits on “Affluenza,” “Veronica Mars,” “Sons of Liberty” and Syfy network movie “Lavalantula.”

Guttenberg said his role in “Lookin’ Up” evokes Gene Hackman’s character Harry Call from “The Conversation” in that he’s reacting to circumstances far beyond his control.

“I think Marvin’s script is wonderful in terms of portraying the absurdity of modern life,” he added. “I’m always looking for new projects that engage me.”

To that end, Guttenberg noted he was particularly pleased to have performed Shakespeare for the first time recently after having landed the supporting role of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland in “Henry 4.1,” a post-apocalyptic staging of “Henry IV, Part 1” in New York City.