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Oscar Films Recognize Disabilities

This year, there were 366 films in Oscar contention, with 50-plus nominated — including three centering on people with disabilities. While that isn't much, it's three more than most years.

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  • ‘Big Shot’

    John Stamos coasts through familiar territory in the new Disney Plus sports series "Big Shot."

  • ‘Cruel Summer’

    Thanks to an agile cast and a willingness to push for the unexpected response, "Cruel Summer" ends up a pleasant surprise: A show with a grabby premise but also a great deal on its mind.

  • ‘Them’

    The Amazon Prime Video series looks back at the Great Migration, but is more interested in the supernatural than its human characters.

  • ‘Monday’

    A sexy romantic comedy turns into a drama of bad behavior that's more showy than convincing.

  • ‘In the Earth’

    It's somehow fitting that a horror helmer whose career kicked off with viral videos has gone and made a pandemic movie that infects the id.

  • ‘The Rookies’

    Action queen Milla Jovovich can't rescue a 2019 flop that's only now landing in U.S. theaters.

  • ‘Hope’

    Norway's Oscar submission, based on director Maria Sødahl's cancer survival story, is a modern family portrait deserving of its accolades.