The filmmakers behind the music documentary “Boom! A Film About the Sonics” have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Jordan Albertsen, director of “The Standard,” and producer Brian Scott Robinson plan to trace the history of the influential Pacific Northwest proto-punk band from its beginnings in a living room in 1963 in Tacoma, Wash., and its debut LP “Here Are the Sonics.” The band split up in 1968 and reunited nearly four decades later in 2007, resulting in a steady rise in activity and popularity, culminating in their recent release “This Is the Sonics.”

The Sonics’ hard-edged sound has been named an inspiration to the Hives, Nirvana, the Kinks, the White Stripes, the Cramps, L7 and LCD Soundsystem. They have played garage rock standards such as “Louie, Louie,” early rock such as “Jenny, Jenny” and original songs such as “Strychnine,” “Psycho” and “The Witch.”

Much like Rodriguez in “Searching for Sugarman,” the Sonics have a large fanbase outside the United States and have drawn huge crowds in Europe since their 2007 reunion.

“The Sonics are the true unsung heroes of rock ‘n’ roll and one of the only reasons (some) music doesn’t completely suck today,” Albertsen said. “Visually we are committed to making a big cinematic journey for our audience. This film will be big, bold and bada–. Just like the band.”

About a quarter of the film has already been shot. Premiums include a one-hour lesson from the band’s drummer, Dusty Watson, for a $1,250 donation and a producer credit for a $25,000 gift.