Guitarist Slash is seeking funding from fans to produce his second feature film, “The Hell Within,” through the FanBacked crowdfunding site.

“The Hell Within” follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to find herself in a desperate village of drug runners and lost souls. The film will be directed by Dennison Ramalho (“ABC’s of Death 2”), written by Jeff Buhler (“The Midnight Meat Train”) and produced by Slash under his SlashFiction banner, in partnership with Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller of Barry Films.

“I love creepy, haunting stuff. I don’t go for psycho movies really,” Slash said. “But I love monsters. And scares that are more cerebral. I love practical effects that make those monsters seem more real onscreen. When I read the script for ‘The Hell Within,’ I knew it was the right project for my taste.

The premiums offered to investors include private screenings, premiere tickets, poster design, film scoring sessions with Slash, set visits, personal production update calls from Slash and, for $2,500, a “Corpse Cameo,” in which a fan’s face will be on a corpse in the film. “What better way to see your face on the bigscreen than dead!” the website says. “This includes the cost of plaster casting your face for a mask for our actors AND you’ll be listed with that Hell of a Credit, a Special Thanks at the end of the film.”

Slash was the lead guitarist for the group Guns N’ Roses between 1985 and 1996. He co-founded the group Velvet Revolver and has released three solo albums.

Slash made his debut as a film producer on “Nothing Left to Fear,” released by Anchor Bay in 2014.