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The cast of  “San Andreas” delivers a lot of shock, awe, bravery and resilience on screen as they cope with a pair of monster earthquakes. But a couple of the film’s stars said they didn’t react so heroically when the ground started shaking in real life.

Lessons learned after appearing in Warner Bros. disaster epic: Remain calm. Drop, cover and hold on. And for Carla Gugino, who plays the estranged wife of star Dwayne Johnson, one more lesson from her last California quake: Don’t sleep naked.

Gugino told Variety at the premiere of the thriller Tuesday that she learned that last one during the 1994 Northridge quake.

“I was living in the Palisades with my boyfriend at the time,” Gugino said on the red carpet. “And I was sleeping in the buff and, uh, I could NOT find my clothes. Eventually I found a robe and was able to scramble outside.

“I can say that I have never, ever, when I am in this state, slept naked again. I had to learn the hard way.”

Actor Todd Williams, who plays a fellow firefighter to Johnson’s crew chief, hasn’t been through a serious quake. But the last time a slow roller hit his home in Sherman Oaks, he recalled: “I pretty much ran around in my drawers. My instinct was to get up and start shouting, ‘We gotta go. We gotta go!’ “

“My wife said, ‘Todd, just come back to bed!’ Williams said.

The actor figures he did everything wrong, but after weathering “San Andreas’s” 9.6 mega-rumbler, he’s learned his lessons. Stay put. Get under cover. Hold on. And don’t bother with the screaming.