Sony Pictures has released a goofy trailer for spy spoof “The Brothers Grimsby,” starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong as long-lost brothers.

The trailer debuted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with Baron Cohen introducing it as his Borat character.

The story is set in a poor English fishing town where Baron Cohen’s Nobby is a football hooligan with nine children and Rebel Wilson as his girlfriend. He’s also been searching for 28 years for his younger brother after they were adopted by different families.

Upon learning of the brother’s location, Nobby sets off to re-unite with him without knowing that the brother is MI6’s deadliest assassin who’s just uncovered plans for a global terrorist attack. At one point, Strong’s character is shot with poison and commands Nobby to suck it out.

“What do you want written on your tombstone?” is the response.

Louis Leterrier directs from a script by Baron Cohen and Phil Johnston. Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher and Gabourey Sidibe also star.

Sony will release the film on March 11.