Rentrak is partnering with recently launched Gower Street Analytics to develop forecasting products for the movie industry.

The partnership’s first product will be a global distribution-planning tool that generates estimates for all titles with a planned release date, up to 18 months before their theatrical release. The companies said such data will allow distributors to optimize their release strategy and maximize box office performance.

The partnership is also planning a screen booking optimization tool to evaluate the performance of all possible booking scenarios.

“By combining Gower Street’s industry knowledge and technical expertise with Rentrak’s box office and television information, we are set to create the standard in theatrical distribution data analytics,” said David Kosse, Gower Street Analytics non-executive director.

Kosse, who also heads Film4, previously served as president, international at Universal Pictures. Gower Street founders Dimitrios Mitsinikos and Matthew Eric Bassett are also former Universal employees who worked on analytics systems at the studio.

London-based Gower Street launched earlier this year. Rentrak is a specialist in worldwide consumer viewership information.