Point Break” has generated $22.7 million at the Chinese box office in its first week of release at 3,700 screens — including five straight days as the top performer.

Alcon Entertainment said Friday the extreme-sports actioner is poised to remain in first place in its second week of release with a projected drop of only 8% going into its second weekend. “Point Break” opened against “Fall In Love Like A Rock Star,” a Chinese film that has grossed $20 million.

The “Point Break” remake was approved last month for a Dec. 4 release date in China — an unprecedented three weeks before its U.S. opening. “Point Break” has a Chinese investor, DMG Entertainment.

The second weekend of Matt Damon’s “The Martian” won the Chinese box office in the first weekend of December with $27 million, expanding its cumulative Chinese gross to $76.2 million after 12 days.

Alcon Entertainment began developing the project in 2011, when it acquired rights to the 1991 film property with plans to set the reboot in the world of extreme sports.

Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze in the 1991 film, is portrayed by Edgar Ramirez in the remake as the thrill-seeking leader of a group of criminals. FBI agent Johnny Utah, Keanu Reeves’ role in the original, is played by Luke Bracey. Ericson Core directed from Kurt Wimmer’s script.