Though the focus at Friday night’s premiere was on “Pitch Perfect 2,” the cast wasn’t opposed to looking forward to the future — and a possible “Pitch Perfect 3.”

Cast, crew and a flurry of fans gathered at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles for the world premiere of the comedy, which brought back cast members Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson and saw Elizabeth Banks stepping up to helm. Though a third movie has yet to see the greenlight, another returning cast member, Brittany Snow, said she’d be game to returning to the Barden Bellas.

“Of course,” she said when asked if she’d appear in a “Pitch Perfect 3.” “I mean, I’ve made some of my best friends from this movie, and I care about this movie and the franchise a lot. We never set out to make it a franchise — we just wanted to have a really good time. And so we are very lucky that we are getting to do a second one and hopefully a third one.”

Kay Cannon, who wrote the first and second installments, admitted she was already thinking about the possibility, even though the sequel saw the singers graduating from Barden University.

“I will say, on nights like this and when I had my friends and family screening, I was like, ‘Oh, I would be excited to write a third one.’ You know, in my mind: ‘Let’s see how the second one does, and if it’s successful and if there’s a need’ – but then I started to think of ideas and I think it could be really fun.”

Wilson, who said she’d happily sign on to do a third movie, started thinking of possibilities for the Barden Bellas’ future, and ruled one possibility out.

“We joke that we’re going to go to the intergalactic championship, in the third [movie],” she laughed. “But that’s not going to be it. That’s just a joke.”

She added that she’d like to see the Bellas become a “real singing group” after their collegiate run.

The actress also talked about the emotional growth of her character, Fat Amy. The first film saw her become a fan favorite, generating some of the most-repeated one-liners, so it’s little surprise Cannon gave her a special subplot in the second one — a love story with Adam Devine’s character, Bumper.

“I improvised with Adam Devine the stuff in the first movie that kind of alluded to, maybe we have something going on and then Kay Cannon kind of ran with that in the second one and gave us the love storyline, subplot, in this movie,” she said. “So it was really cool because Fat Amy’s three years older in this movie and so she’s graduating and it’s a bit of a different energy to the first Fat Amy, but super fun to play.”

Wilson said she and Devine continued to do a lot of improvising in the second film, including a romantic gazebo scene that she said the two did 20-30 minute takes on that got “really dramatic.”

Aside from the character development, the second movie saw another big change — the addition of Banks, who appeared in the first movie as an acapella announcer and reprised her role in the second but also made her feature directorial debut. Snow said she struck the perfect balance in her helming.

“It was great!” Snow said of being directed by Banks. “Elizabeth is a very intuitive, intelligent director with so much experience with acting, and she really knows what she wants. She’s smart in knowing want she wanted in that way, but also giving us freedom to improv when we could.”

The second movie also saw a slew of cameos, ranging from David Cross to Michelle and Barack Obama. But one cameo that generated a great amount of buzz, thanks in large part to early trailers, was the addition of the Green Bay Packers as an acapella group.

Cannon, who’s from the Chicagoland area and roots for the Packers’ rivals, the Chicago Bears, revealed she was originally against the inclusion of the football team, but lightened up quickly.

“I kept, going, ‘Guys, let’s think about this. What does [Bears quarterback] Jay Cutler think of the movie?’ And I really fought against it,” she admitted. “And then they came up to me and said, ‘No, they’re going to be in this movie.’ And then I had to sit down and write their bits. And it was really fun, actually.”

After the screening, an after-party took place at the L.A. Live event deck, featuring food ranging from a make-your-own taco table to pizza, dancers who hung from the ceiling by holding onto cloth and, unsurprisingly, live performances.

“Pitch Perfect 2” will hit theaters May 15.