Pitch Perfect 2” made beautiful music at the box office last weekend.

Final results have the Universal release opening to a superb $69.2 million, which is slightly less than the $70.3 million that the studio projected the film would bring in when it reported estimates on Sunday. That means, however, that “Pitch Perfect 2,” which marks Elizabeth Banks’ feature film directorial debut, is the the third biggest opening for a female director, not the second. It now falls behind Catherine Hardwick’s “Twilight” ($69.6 million) and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s “50 Shades of Grey” ($85.2 million).

The a cappella sequel also has to surrender its status as the highest-grossing feature film debut. That distinction now belongs to Robert Stromberg’s debut, “Maleficent,” which earned $69.4 million in its initial weekend.

Some numbers were revised upwards. Overseas, “Pitch Perfect 2” did $27.1 million instead of $26.9 million. Its global total now stands at $107.5 million. That’s an outstanding result for a film that cost $29 million to produce.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” ended up racking up a bigger domestic opening than predicted, bringing in $45.4 million instead or the $44.4 million that Warner Bros. originally expected it would make. Its international figure was more modest than projected, clocking in at $64 million, roughly $1 million less than initial estimates.

Warner Bros. backed the $150 million production with Village Roadshow Pictures. Even though “Mad Max: Fury Road” was somewhat overshadowed by the success of “Pitch Perfect 2,” the studio believes that strong word-of-mouth and critical raves will help the film continue to draw crowds in the coming weeks.