Reacting to Friday’s terrorist attacks, Fox has called off the Paris premiere of Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies,” which had been set for Nov. 15.

“In light of the tragedy in Paris, we have canceled our scheduled film events,” Fox said. “Further, we stand with the people of Paris and our thoughts go out to all those affected by these horrible events.”

Spielberg had been in Berlin on Friday for the German premiere of “Bridge of Spies” — much of which takes place in Berlin. Tom Hanks stars as James B. Donovan, who negotiated the exchange of captured U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers and an American student for Russian spy Rudolf Abel.

Fox is distributing the movie internationally. Disney has domestic distribution rights.

Following Friday’s attacks, French president Francois Hollande closed the country’s borders and declared a state of emergency.

As many as 120 people were killed in Paris on Friday night following multiple explosions and shootings — the deadliest attack on France since WWII.