Paradigm Signs “The Incident’s’ Isaac Ezban (EXCLUSIVE)

Hispanic psychological sci-fi director now working on English-language debut

Paradigm Signs “The Incident’s’ Isaac Ezban

Scribe-helmer Isaac Ezban, director of “The Incident” and “The Similars,” two elevated psychological sci-fi movies that establish Ezban as an distinctive voice on the Hispanic auteur genre scene, has been signed by Paradigm Talent Agency for representation.

Combining two stories — two brothers and a detective locked on an infinite stairwell; a family on an endless road to the beach – “The Incident,” Ezban’s feature debut, has been described as “an ultra-dark version of ‘Groundhog Day’ directed by Rod Serling.”

“The Incident” premiered at September’s Austin Fantastic Fest, then went on to play at Busan, Sitges, Buenos Aires and more events. Written and directed by Ezban, it has run up eight prizes to date, including the Fox Mexico Premier Award at Los Cabos, which comprised the acquisition of Latin American pay TV rights, as well as a best picture win at Mexico’s Morbido Fest, one of Latin America’s most important fantastic film events.

U.S. sales company Shoreline has acquired international rights to “The Incident,” which has also been called one of the most intriguing Mexican films of the year, drawing favorable comparisons to the work of Nolan, Kubrick and Guillermo Del Toro.

Up next for Ezban is his Spanish-language sophomore effort “The Similars,” which screened at Ventana Sur’s Bloody Window Work in Progress, winning two prizes. The film, an ode to “Twilight Zone” and all things Hitchcock, takes place at a remote bus station in Mexico in 1968. It tells the story of a group of travelers who, while trapped in the station due to a raging storm, begin experiencing a strange phenomenon. The film is currently wrapping post.

The Mexico-born helmer is also one of the eight directors on “Mexico Barbaro,” each adapting a Mexican horror legend. World premiering at Sitges, the anthology has been acquired for international distribution by Raven Banner Ent.

His manager is Benderspink’s Scott Stoops. While some Hispanic fantastic films skew niche mainstream, “Incident” and “Similars” are prime examples of auteur genre, a lo-fi sci-fi genre that bring allegorical reflections to a fantasy narrative, many universal, such as those about the passage of time.

Ezban is now working on his English-language debut. “It’s exciting for me to start working with Paradigm’s Gabriel Mena and Benderspink’s Scott Stoops because my dream has always been for my films to reach each time a bigger audience, and I believe they will help me achieve that,” Ezban commented.

Circled by sales agents, “The Similars” will be ready for screening at an important festival either at the beginning or end of summer, he added.