Moviegoers didn’t think everything was awesome about “The Lego Movie” missing out on an Oscar nomination for best animated feature.

The hit film’s omission from the race was cited by audiences as the top snub of this year’s Academy Awards nominations, according to a poll conducted by Fandango.

The online ticketer surveyed more than 1,000 ticket buyers to get its results. In addition to “The Lego Movie,” audiences were upset that “Selma” was left out of many key categories. David Oyelowo’s exclusion from the best actor race and Ava DuVernay’s rejection from the director list were cited as the second and third biggest snubs, respectively.

“Selma” did receive a best picture nod, but the fact that it didn’t perform better at this year’s Oscars and that the major acting categories are exclusively made up of white performers has raised questions about the Academy’s lack of diversity.

It wasn’t just a bad morning for team “Selma.” “American Sniper” director Clint Eastwood and “Unbroken” helmer Angelina Jolie nabbed fourth and fifth place on the snubs list after getting the cold shoulder from Oscar voters.

When it came to surprises, Fandango clients were most stunned that Marion Cotillard elbowed into the best actress race for her work as a cleaning woman on the ropes in “Two Days, One Night.” “American Sniper’s” Bradley Cooper and “Foxcatcher’s” Steve Carell were respondents’ second and third biggest shocks, respectively, for their best actor nominations.

Top 10 snubs, according to Fandango Moviegoers:

1. THE LEGO MOVIE (Best animated feature)
2. David Oyewelo, SELMA (Best actor)
3. Ava Du Vernay, SELMA (Best director)
4. Clint Eastwood, AMERICAN SNIPER (Best director)
5. Angelina Jolie, UNBROKEN (Best director)
6. Jake Gyllenhaal, NIGHTCRAWLER (Best actor)
7. Jennifer Aniston, CAKE (Best actress)
8. Gillian Flynn, GONE GIRL (Best adapted screenplay)
9. Amy Adams, BIG EYES (Best actress)
10. Bill Murray, ST. VINCENT (Best actor)

Top 5 surprises:
1. Marion Cotillard, TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT (Best actress)
2. Bradley Cooper, AMERICAN SNIPER (Best actor)
3. Steve Carell, FOXCATCHER (Best actor)
4. Laura Dern, WILD (Best supporting actress)
5. Paul Thomas Anderson, INHERENT VICE (Best adapted screenplay)