Following its French hit “The Family Belier,” SND, the commercial arm of French network M6, is reteaming with Vendome Production and Mars Films for “Two Is a Family,” a dramedy starring Omar Sy and Clemence Poesy.

Set to start shooting at the end of the month, “Two Is a Family” will be directed by Hugo Gelin, who made his debut with “Comme des freres” in 2012 and penned the script for the popular comedy “La cage doree.”

“Two Is a Family” also stars the Canadian actor Antoine Bertrand (“Starbuck”).

Sy will play Samuel, a man whose carefree life on the French Riviera is turned upside down when a former fling suddenly reappears and introduces him to his baby girl before taking off. After tracking down his ex in vain all over London, Samuel eventually settles in the city, finds a job as stuntman in a TV show and proves to be a loving yet unconventional dad. But Samuel’s relationship with his daughter is set off balance when her mother shows up again, this time to reclaim the child.

“Hugo Gelin, Mathieu Oullion and Jean-Andre Yerles have written a very entertaining and sensitive script. It delivers great comedy but has also room for emotion. Few stories have these qualities; ‘Two Is a Family’ is certainly is one of them,” said Stephane Celerier at Mars Films.

“Reading the script we knew we had an instant classic. There is no better feeling than finding a gem, polishing it and bring it on screens. All the more when it gives us an opportunity to renew our fruitful collaboration with partners Mars Films and SND,” said Philippe Rousselet, CEO of Vendome Production.

Celerier’s Mars Distribution will handle the French release. Pantelion will distribute in Latin America.