Neil Patrick Harris opened the 2015 Oscars with a tongue-in-cheek song and dance number, managing to get in the now obligatory awards show joke about Kanye West’s penchant for rushing the stage before taking a trip through some of cinema’s most memorable scenes, from “Back to the Future’s” journey to the past to Sharon Stone’s revealing “Basic Instinct” leg lift.

Harris even ventured into some of film’s finest moments, including “Ghost” and “The Avengers,” before “Into the Woods” star Anna Kendrick popped out of the screen to duet with the host about the magic of the movies — right up until Jack Black decided to intervene and point out that the film biz just ain’t what it used to be, what with its obsession with superhero movies and “formulaic scripts — and after ‘Fifty Shades,’ they’ll all have leather whips!”

Luckily, Harris and Kendrick soon put Black back in his place, pointing out that moving pictures “may not be real life, but they’ll show you what life really means.”

What did you think of Harris’ Oscar opening?