Four days after he escaped from a mental health facility, a man convicted of stalking Mila Kunis has been arrested.

Stuart Lynn Dunn was arrested at about 10:30 Wednesday morning and taken into custody by the Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Division, according to the L.A. Times. Kunis has been notified of the arrest.

Deputy chief Reaver Bingham of the Los Angeles County Probation Department said Dunn was with two homeless individuals when he was stopped in an alley by Santa Monica police. Dunn identified himself when asked by officers, and was taken in.

Police are investigating how Dunn made it from the Ponoma mental health facility in which he’d been held to Santa Monica — about 45 miles — after escaping.

Dunn escaped from the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center at about 8 p.m. on Saturday. He was expected to be taking a shower, but when his supervisor checked on him, he was gone.

Dunn was convicted for stalking Kunis in January 2013 and has been ordered to stay away from the actress for three years.

In 2012, Dunn was found living in a condo owned by Kunis. Later that year, he was arrested outside of her gym for violating probation, which stemmed from a restraining order.