Sony Pictures’ “Ricki and the Flash” premiered in New York on Monday night, with stars Meryl Streep, Mamie Gummer and Rick Springfield.

The musical dramedy, which opens on Friday, had a budget of $18 million, and shot for six weeks in Westchester last year. Producer Marc Platt said he approached Streep with the script while they were making “Into the Woods” together. “It’s a great role for her, because she loves to sing,” Platt said. “Who among us doesn’t wish to be a rocker? For an actress that reinvents herself in characters all the time, here’s a different set of boots to step into.”

But he acknowledged that “Ricki and the Flash” is the rare Streep project that probably won’t get a built-in best actress campaign at the Oscars. “I don’t know if it’s that’s kind of a movie,” Platt said. “It’s a delightful little entertainment.”

Gummer said she didn’t have to audition with director Jonathan Demme for the role of Streep’s daughter. “I’ve been auditioning for 32 damn years,” said Gummer. This isn’t the first time she’s appeared in a film with her mom. “When I was 21 months old, I played a 12-month-old, which was a real feat of the craft,” she said, referencing her performance in 1986’s “Heartburn,” where she also played Streep’s child. And she portrayed a younger version of Streep’s character in 2007’s “Evening.”

Gummer said that her favorite Meryl Streep movie was “the last one. I loved ‘Into the Woods.’ Honestly, I thought it was incredible.”

Rick Springfield, on the other hand, who plays Streep’s boyfriend/rocker in the film, went through a grueling series of auditions. “I had to do a read through of the entire film with Meryl Streep, that was my final audition,” Springfield said. “I did have nerves, but Jonathan Demme said, ‘I just want you to be yourself and introduce that to the cast.’ Right after the read through was done, they asked me if I’d do the movie.”

(Pictured: Mamie Gummer, Rick Springfield and Meryl Streep at the “Ricki and the Flash” premiere)