Kristen Stewart premiered her futuristic love story, “Equals,” at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday afternoon. Before the rain-soaked event, Stewart and her co-star Nicholas Hoult were joined by their director Drake Doremus at the Variety Studio across town.

When asked about Doremus, who also helmed indie hits “Like Crazy” and “Breathe In,” Stewart professed to be a huge fan of the 32 year-old filmmaker.

“At this stage of my life where I’m close to these awakening periods, and it’s a big deal for me, and to represent them so basically and so hard was intimidating as hell,” she said.

“Equals” is a dystopian sci-fi drama centering on the lives of Nia (Stewart) and Silas (Hoult) as they live in an advanced society that has banned emotions and traditional human relationships.

Star of the billion-dollar “Twilight” franchise, Stewart called her new role “painful,” alluding to past relationships, but ultimately said her new film was very much a catharsis.

“We’re actors,” she remarked. “We love nothing more than to be over-indulgent and think about things too much.”

Watch the interview below: