With Chris Pratt’s bankability on the extreme upswing following “Jurassic World,” details about the actor’s next big project are more highly coveted than ever.

Thankfully, director James Gunn opened up about the sequel to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” at the Saturn Awards this week, as reported by Collider.

When asked what fans of the franchise could expect in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” Gunn implied that the superhero film’s tone may differ from that of the original.

“I think it’s a more emotional movie,” Gunn said. “It’s both a bigger movie and a smaller movie because we focus more intensely on some of the characters.”

Gunn also hinted that “Guardians 2” will provide interesting hints for those interested in Marvel’s greater mythology.

“We get to learn a lot about fathers in the second movie,” Gunn said, which could mean Peter Quill’s parentage will take centerstage. There may also be answers to the spate of unanswered lineage questions raised by the films about other Marvel characters.

Those interested in the contents of “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” have much to look forward to in “Guardians 2.” Gunn suggested that the film’s soundtrack will once again feature heavily in Star-Lord’s saga.

“We haven’t listened to ‘Awesome Mix 2,’ yet, so we get to hear it in the sequel,” Gunn said.

Gunn last shared details about the sequel via Periscope

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” is slated for a 2017 release.