BERLIN–  Nicolas Eschbach’s Paris-based outfit Indie Sales has acquired international sales rights to Anthony Roux and Jean-Jacques Denis’ “Dofus– Book I: Julith,” an animated feature based on the popular vidgame character.
Conceived as the first opus of a trilogy, “Dofus” follows the adventures of 10-year old Joris, who lives in the city of Bonta with his adopted father and gets kidnapped by a witch looking to exploit Joris’ secret powers. Ankama, the company that created the video game franchise, is producing the toon feature.
The Dofus vidgame is a multi-player online game that attracts about 2.5 million active players every month and has been translated into nine languages. It has already been adapted into a popular TV skein that airs on French pubcaster France Televisions and has sold worldwide. Overall, Ankama’s games boast than 60 million users across 150 countries.
Ankama prexy and creative topper, Roux, who’s also been working on the franchise for 13 years, said the movie will be a “comedy firmly rooted in the epic burlesque atmosphere of the Dofus videogame (…) and will explore the key themes of family, growing up and the search for one’s own identity.”
Denis, the movie’s co-director and story-boarder, graduated from the prestigious Gobelins School in France and has worked on various series, such as “Monster Buster Club.” Denis also worked as story-boarder on Ankama’s TV series “Wakfu,” which is also based on a vidgame.
Indie Sales will start shopping “Dofus” with a teaser at the European Film Market.