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The Queen has come out as a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Backstage at Variety’s exclusive studio at the Gotham Awards this week, Helen Mirren predicted that Clinton would be elected the first female president of the United States in 2016.

“I think there’s an amazing candidate who is incredibly experienced, incredibly intelligent, incredibly tough,” Mirren said. “She’s the only candidate that I can see out there who has got what it takes, it seems to me.”

Mirren, who won the Oscar in 2007 for playing Queen Elizabeth II, spoke about the gender disparity for women in the industry. “The world is still behind when it comes to women,” Mirren said. “It’s not just Hollywood. The world of drama is always behind the real world.”

She continued: “It would have been completely incomprehensible — just completely unlikely, impossible — that America would have a female president 20 years ago. Of course it’s getting better.”

Mirren attended the Gotham Awards to accept a career tribute, in a year where she’s delivered two performances generating Oscar buzz: the Weinstein Co.’s “Woman in Gold” and Bleecker Street’s “Trumbo.” During her acceptance speech, she took a dig at a certain Republican frontrunner. “What beautiful and terrible things words are,” Mirren said. “Conveyers of love and hatred and inspiration and stupidity — Donald Trump.”

But Mirren told Variety that she wasn’t worried that Trump would fire back at her. “I have to say the one thing I suspect Donald Trump has is a sense of humor,” Mirren said. “And lots of money.”