Can “X-Men” fans expect a Storm movie? If it’s up to Halle Berry, hopefully yes.

The actress confirmed she would agree to do a standalone Storm film, and urged fans at Comic-Con to speak up if they want to see her in action again.

“Absolutely,” she said Thursday when asked about the prospect of a spinoff movie during the Con panel for her CBS drama “Extant,” saying that she loves her “X-Men” character. With a laugh, Berry added, “Fans have to tell Fox that that’s what they want to have happen!”

Berry is no stranger to superhero films. In addition to the “X-Men” franchise, in which she’s played Storm three times, the Oscar winner previously starred as the title character in 2004’s “Catwoman,” though it didn’t perform at the box office and received less-than-stellar reviews.

As for “X-Men,” Hugh Jackman has successfully spun into solo films with the “Wolverine” trilogy, which will see its third and final film out in 2017.