Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly biopic, “Grace of Monaco” has had a tumultuous journey to the screen: initially generating Oscar buzz after being picked up by the Weinstein Co. in 2013, before skipping theaters and eventually premiering on Lifetime on Memorial Day.

Set in 1962, the film takes place six years after Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and finds the princess longing to return to her acting career. The film received a critical drubbing at its Cannes premiere in 2014, with Variety’s Scott Foundas calling it a “cornball melodrama.”

In an attempt to shed light on the film’s behind-the-scenes turmoil, screenwriter Arash Amel live-tweeted the entire premiere.

“The purpose of this live tweet is to correct the record, an explanation, an apology and most of all a bit of light hearted fun,” Amel tweeted. “Also consider this to be the writer’s dvd commentary.”

According to Amel, the cut that aired on Lifetime was the product of multiple edits. “GUYS, THIS IS A NEW THIRD EDIT OF GRACE OF MONACO!,” one tweet read. Still, Amel tweeted that he felt the Lifetime version was an improvement on the cut that played at the Cannes film festival.

Amel took particular issue with the score, which he expressed by explicitly tweeting, “TURN OFF THE MUSIC!!,” “Lesson for film grads: this is how you wash away what was actually a great performance in this scene with unnecessary music,” and “The music. Save me. Save me.”

Still, Amel also praised parts of the film, mostly Kidman’s acting chops. “Nicole was the best,” he wrote in one tweet. “Terrific to work with on every level.”

He also incorporated some visual humor into his comical tirade. For example, one tweet showed a picture of Kidman glaring into the distance with the caption “When you write a movie, and someone makes it, and you’re like …”

Amel alluded to having only scratched the surface of the drama that went on behind the scenes of the film, ominously tweeting, “Kept it tame tonight. I’ll keep people storming off set, 3-hour shooting days and missing sets for my memoirs.”