‘Furious 7’ Wins Top Honors at Golden Trailer Awards

Furious 7 Box Office
Image courtesy of Universal

After zooming past box office records when it bowed in April, the marketing campaign that drew audiences to multiplexes for “Furious 7” took home big prizes at the 16th annual Golden Trailer Awards Wednesday night in Beverly Hills.

Universal Pictures and AV Squad’s “Furious 7” trailer titled “Family” won the best of show prize at the awards, in addition to the award for best action. Other big winners for the evening were “American Sniper” and “The Hunger Game: Mockingjay – Part 1,” which each nabbed five awards.

Universal Pictures was the top-ranking studio of the night, winning a total of 15 awards. Warner Bros. was close behind with 11 statues, and Disney and Lionsgate each took home nine prizes. Fox nabbed six.

The most-decorated vendors were Ignition Creative, winning in 14 categories, while mOcean, Trailer Park and AV Squad each won in six categories.

“The Golden Trailer Awards celebrate the best in motion picture marketing innovation and creativity,” Golden Trailer Awards founder Evelyn Watters said in a statement. “Everyone loves film trailers. They are truly an art form and this show is dedicated to rewarding the teams who work long hours through countless revisions to make each trailer resonate in just the right way. We couldn’t be more proud of all of tonight’s nominees and winners.”

Host T.J. Miller (“Silicon Valley”) emceed the festivities at a sold-out Saban Theater.

Winners for 20 of the 78 categories were announced Wednesday night. See the full list of winners below.

Best of Show – “Furious 7,” “Family,” Universal Pictures, AV Squad

Best Action – “Furious 7,” “Family,” Universal Pictures, AV Squad

Best Animation / Family – “Big Hero 6,” “Find Your Way,” Disney, Trailer Park

Best Comedy – “Ted 2,” “Civil Rights: Trailer 2,” Universal Pictures, AV Squad

Best Documentary – “Life Itself,” Magnolia Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Best Drama – “Selma,” “The People,” Paramount, Buddha Jones

Best Fantasy Adventure – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part – 1,” “Courage of One,” Lionsgate, Outpost Media

Best Horror – “Woman In Black 2: The Angel of Death,” “Forgive,” Relativity Media, Buddha Jones

Best Independent Trailer – “Boyhood,” IFC Films, Mark Woollen & Associates/Empire Design

Best Music – “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Outlaws,” Disney, mOcean

Best Romance – “Paper Towns,” “Find Yourself,” 20th Century Fox, TRANSIT

Summer 2015 Blockbuster Trailer – “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” “Strings,” Disney, mOcean

Best Teaser – “Interstellar,” Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros., Ignition Creative

Best Thriller – “American Sniper,” “Confirm,” Warner Bros., mOcean

Best Video Game Trailer – “Batman: Arkham Knight,” “Gotham is Mine Trailer,” WB Games, Hammer Creative

Golden Fleece – “The Giver,” “Community,” The Weinstein Company, Buddha Jones

Most Original Trailer – “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Mad,” Warner Bros., Trailer Park

GTA 16 & Rentrak Best Opening Weekend Award – “Furious 7,” Universal Pictures

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over – “Inherent Vice,” “Higher,” Warner Bros., Aspect

Trashiest Trailer – “What We Do In The Shadows,” Unison Films, Jump Cut

Non-Show Categories

Best Motion/Title Graphics – “The Hateful 8,” “Hate,” The Weinstein Company, Ignition Creative

Best Sound Editing – “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” “Strings,” Disney, mOcean

Best Teaser/Trailer for a TV Series or Mini-series – “Game Of Thrones: Season 5,” “The Wheel,” HBO,  AV Squad

Best Original Score – “Interstellar,” “Memories,” Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros, Trailer Park

Best Trailer – No Movie – “Birdman,” “Birdman Returns,” Fox Searchlight, Ignition Creative


Best Foreign Action Trailer – “Grandmaster,” Metrodome Distribution, The Editpool

Best Foreign Animation Family Trailer – “Shaun The Sheep The Movie,” “New Hero,” Studio Canal, Wonderland London

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer – “The Bachelor Weekend,” “The Stag,” Drei Freunde, Freealize, Good Hands

Best Foreign Documentary Trailer – “Dark Horse,” Picture House Entertainment, Zealot UK

Best Foreign Drama Trailer – “The Imitation Game,” “Answer,” The Weinstein Company, Zealot

Best Foreign Graphics in a Trailer – “The Babadook,” “Theatrical Trailer,” Icon Film Distribution, Intermission Film

Best Foreign Horror Trailer – “Hollow,” “Theatrical Trailer #2,” Old Photo Films, Alice M. Tran

Best Foreign Romance Trailer – “Far From the Madding Crowd,” “Her Heart,” Fox Searchlight Pictures International, Create Advertising London

Best Foreign Thriller Trailer – “Ex Machina,” “Human,” Universal Pictures, The Picture Production Company

Most Original Foreign Trailer – “Hyena,” Independent Film Company, Zealot UK

TV Spots

Best Action TV Spot – “Furious 7,” “Fast,” Universal Pictures, AV Squad

Best Animation / Family TV Spot – “Big Hero 6,” “Your Way,” Disney, Trailer Park

Best Comedy TV Spot – “Ted 2,” “Mission Super Bowl Extended Online,” Universal Pictures, Workshop Creative

Best Documentary TV Spot – “Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom,” “Monkee Around,” Disneynature, Toy Box Entertainment

Best Drama TV Spot – “American Sniper,” “Sacrifice,” Warner Bros., Seismic Productions

Best Fantasy Adventure TV Spot – “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “World,” Disney, mOcean

Best Foreign TV Spot – “Ex Machina,” “Spritz,” Universal Pictures International Ltd, The Picture Production Company

Best Graphics in a TV Spot – “Nightcrawler,” “Squeegee :15,” Open Road Films, Workshop Creative

Best Horror TV Spot – “Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death,” “Silent Night,” Relativity Media, Buddha Jones

Best Independent TV Spot – “The Drop,” “Name,” Fox Searchlight, AV Squad

Best Music TV Spot – “American Sniper,” “Cadence Review,” Warner Bros. Pictures, Wild Card

Best Original Score TV Spot – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” “Return to District 12,” Lionsgate, CARVE

Best Romance TV Spot – “If I Stay,” “Never Leave,” Warner Bros., Trailer Park

Best Summer 2015 Blockbuster TV Spot – “Jurassic World,” “Biggest Superbowl,” Universal Pictures, Wild Card

Best Thriller TV Spot – “American Sniper,” “Confirm,” Warner Bros., mOcean

Best Video Game TV Spot – “Bloodborne,” “Hunt You Down TV Spot,” Sony Computer Entertainment of America/Japan Studio/From Software, Petrol Advertsing

Best Voice Over TV Spot – “McFarland, USA,” “Where We’re Going,” Disney, Motive

Most Original TV Spot – “Birdman,” “Action Figure Spot,” Fox Searchlight, Fox Searchlight In-House Creative


Best Action Poster – “The Expendables 3,” “Final One-Sheet,” Lionsgate, Ignition

Best Animation / Family Movie Poster – “Minions,” “Stuart, Kevin & Bob Teaser One-Sheet,” Universal, Ignition

Best Billboard – “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,” “Mondrian,” Lionsgate, LA Associates

Best Comedy Poster – “Ted 2,” “Teaser One-Sheet,” Universal, Ignition

Best Documentary Poster – “Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger,” Magnolia Pictures, Blood & Chocolate

Best Drama Poster – “American Sniper,” “Domestic 1,” Warner Bros., The Refinery

Best Fantasy / Adventure Poster – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1,” “Katniss Final One-Sheet,” Lionsgate, Ignition

Best Foreign Poster – “’71,” “The Merchant Of Menace,” Studio Canal UK, Wonderland

Best Horror Poster – “Dracula Untold,” “One-Sheet,” Universal Pictures, Ignition

Best Independent Poster – “Cut Bank,” A24, P+A

Best International Poster – “As Above So Below,” “International One-Sheet,” Universal, Ignition

Best Motion Poster – “Deliver Us From Evil,” “Motion Poster 1,” Sony Pictures Releasing International, Greenhaus GFX

Best Romance Poster – “The Age Of Adaline,” “Blue Payoff Poster,” Lionsgate, LA Associates

Best Summer 2015 Blockbuster Poster – “Minions,” “Stuart, Kevin & Bob Teaser One-Sheet,” Universal, Ignition

Best Teaser Poster – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” “Logo,” Lionsgate, Ignition

Best Thriller Poster – “John Wick,” “Final One-Sheet,” Lionsgate, Ignition

Best Video Game Poster – “Dead Island 2,” “Redwood Rampage,” Deep Silver, Midnight Oil

Best Wildposts (Teaser Campaign) – “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” “District Heroes,” Lionsgate, Ignition

Most Original Poster – “Kill the Messenger,” “Wild Post,” Focus Features, Ignition

Trashiest Poster – “Buzzard,” Oscilloscope Pictures, Jump Cut


Best pre-show Theatrical Advertising for a Brand – “Big Hero 6,” “Bowtie,” Disney, Trailer Park

Best Viral Campaign – “Into The Storm,” “Tornado Selfie,” Village Roadshow Pictures, The Woolshed Company

Most Innovative Advertising for a Feature Film – “These Final Hours,” “The Interactive Prequel,” Roadshow Films, Soap Creative Australia

Film Festivals

Best Film Festival Trailer – 2014 New York Film Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Jump Cut

Best Film Festival Poster – “Birdman,” “Toronto International Film Festival poster,” Fox Searchlight, New Regency