GoDigital Inc. has expanded its holdings by acquiring do-it-yourself provider Distribber for a low seven-figure price in cash and stock.

Distribber, led by CEO Nick Soares, will become a third component of GoDigital to go along with Amplify Releasing and GoDigital Worldwide divisions. It will be adding an additional six employees to its existing staff of 14.

Distribber allows filmmakers to access digital distribution platforms and to monitor their earnings in exchange for an upfront flat fee. Filmmakers keep 100% of all revenue generated.

The deal was orchestrated by Preferred Ventures Managing Partner Kevin Iwashina, who advised GoDigital on the transaction. “If you’re a filmmaker outside the film circles of Los Angeles and New York and you need to get your film out, Distribber is a great tool for doing that,” he added.

Distribber charges a one-time fee of $1,595 for iTunes placement, then $150 per year for account access, collection and sales stats. Its titles include Tribeca Film Festival film “An Honest Liar,” James Colquhon’s “Food Mattters” and Kimberly and Foster Gable’s “Thrive.”

GoDigital was founded in 2008 as a distributor of music and films via digital platforms. It merged with Variance Films last year and named the new company Amplify.