Though R-rated films typically don’t have wide retail programs, author E.L. James licensed numerous products after the books were released. A bump in sales of all kinds of sex toys is expected when “Fifty Shades of Grey” is released February 13, according to the New York Times. But not all the official tie-ins are naughty. In fact, the cuddly bear should probably stay out of the bedroom for best results.

Powers of Seduction: Red Satin and White Silk wines are blended from California grapes and available online. A Valentine’s set includes one bottle of each and chocolates.

Read It Again: The bestseller has been reissued with a cover featuring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.  At Target, a ticket discount is offered with the book through Fandango.

Dressed to Undress: Shirts, pajamas and jewely from Hot Topic and Nasty Gal feature book-related slogans like “Laters Baby” and “Keep Calm and Listen to Your Inner Goddess,” telling the world the wearer is a “Fifty Shades” fan.

No Peeking: Target was mocked on social media for putting “Fifty Shades”-branded sex toys next to the Spongebob toothpaste. Among the items available — likely placed in a different spot in the store now — are blindfolds and massage oils.

Grin and Bear It: The Vermont Teddy Bear Company’s Christian Grey plush carries handcuffs and a blindfold and has “smoldering grey eyes”; the website promises buyers will be able to “dominate Valentine’s Day.”