Fifty Shades of Grey” has passed $500 million at the global box office, Universal Pictures announced Thursday.

The erotic drama about a mysterious billionaire (Jamie Dornan) who introduces a college student (Dakota Johnson) to the world of bondage, riding crops, belts and the occasional pregnant stare, has been an even bigger success overseas than in the United States. More than $350 million of its box office total comes from foreign markets, and while the film opened to record-breaking numbers domestically, it faded fast.

The worldwide results represent an impressive return on the $40 million that Universal spent to bring E.L. James’ novel to the big screen. Given the success, it’s surprising that the studio has yet to announce when it will release a sequel — although reports of conflicts between James and the first film’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson could be partly to blame.

Internationally, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is Universal’s highest grossing R-rated film ever. The film has premiered in all of the territories where it will screen save for Egypt, where it opens on March 11.