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Christian Grey may have met his match with Christian Black.

Open Road Films has released its slapstick-packed first trailer for Marlon Wayans’ spoof “Fifty Shades of Black,” two months before the Jan. 29 release. Wayans, who stars as mysterious entrepreneur Christian Black, is a producer and writer of the film alongside regular writing and producing partner Rick Alvarez.

Mike Epps, Kali Hawk, Jane Seymour, Affion Crockett and Fred Willard also star. Hawk (“Bridesmaids”) portrays the young woman drawn to Christian Black.

The trailer starts with Wayans and Hawk re-creating the scene in which Dakota Johnson’s “Fifty Shades” character bids a first farewell to Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey as elevator doors are closing. In this case, the doors close several times on Hawk’s head.

IM Global launched “Fifty Shades of Black” after Universal’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” took in $570 million at the worldwide box office. Open Road distributed both of Wayans’ “A Haunted House” spoofs.