Streaming  platform Fandor is moving into original content creation by backing 50% of the originating budgets of five short films and raising the remainder by crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Under Fandor’s FIXshorts  program, each of the films will have guaranteed distribution on the platform along with outreach effort assistance. When completed, Fandor will premiere the FIXshorts exclusively in tandem with their respective festival premieres and the rights to each film will remain with the individual filmmakers.

“This collaborative approach to film production is an important step forward in our efforts to help new work reach new audiences,” said Jonathan Marlow, co-founder and chief content officer.

Fandor plans to support this project twice annually. The second round of proposals will go under consideration near the end of 2015.

The five projects were selected from 34 proposals and include:

— “Anyuka,” Maya Erdelyi. An animated documentary on the life of the filmmaker’s Hungarian grandmother.

— “Dead Ink Archive,” David Schendel. Set in 1975, a janitor has a secret that he cannot share until he collects all of the discarded scraps of paper from a theatre floor.

— “Discontinuity,” Lori Felker. Portrait of a long-distance relationship, which includes many cats.

— “He Who Eats Children,” Ben Russell. A speculative portrait of a Dutch hermit living in the Surinamese jungle.

— “Sea to Shining Sea,” Maximon Monihan. Two friends drive across the country from California to New York.