DCDC is accelerating its rollout of technologies, predicting that its satellite-distribution system will reach 32,000 movie screens at 3,000 locations by 2018.

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition was formed by AMC Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment in October 2013. The goal is to offer a range of satellite and terrestrial offerings to theaters.

“The DCDC Network has effectively converted traditional movie theaters into true community entertainment centers that have successfully expanded the shared-content experience for consumers to all forms of content, including movies, operas, ballets, esports, live-store and live-live events, from anywhere in the world,” said CEO Randy Blotky.

The company currently has pacts with 73 theater circuits spanning 2,300 locations and 28,000 screens. About 1,700 of those locations and 22,000 screens have DCDC’s proprietary equipment installed.

There are 24 content providers that are part of the coalition including major studios and independents.

At CinemaCon in April, DCDC unveiled its KenCast catch server to stream live content into auditoriums from two simultaneous event feeds, along with two additional pre-recorded events. That means exhibitors can book up to four events simultaneously to an unlimited number of auditoriums.