Did the Golden Globes website accidentally announce Sunday’s best picture winners?

On Friday, the HFPA’s official website mistakenly displayed for a short time “Selma” and “Into The Woods” as the two top winners for the 72nd annual Golden Globes, which are set for Sunday night.

Tech company BlueFin took the blame for the error, asserting that it had been merely conducting “random” testing on the site, which for a short time on Friday had listed “Selma” as winner of best motion picture, drama, and “Into the Woods” as best motion picture, musical or comedy.

Images of last year’s winners, “12 Years a Slave” and “American Hustle,” appeared on the site with captions for “Selma” and “Into the Woods” before those were quickly taken down.

“While testing the official website of the Golden Globe Awards for Sunday’s ceremony, Bluefin inadvertently took the test live,” a representative for the tech company told Variety. “We randomly selected two film titles with no knowledge of the category winners. We are solely responsible for the error.”

It’s not the first time a Golden Globes winner was falsely “revealed” prior to the ceremony. In 2009, Anne Hathaway’s name appeared on the HFPA site as the lead actress winner for “Rachel Getting Married.” But Kate Winslet, not Hathaway, eventually won the honor.