Watch: Michael B. Jordan Actually Got Knocked Out Filming ‘Creed’

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Michael B. Jordan’s takes quite a few hits as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis in the box office hit “Creed.”

Sylvester Stallone has revealed some behind-the-scenes footage from “Creed” filming that shows Jordan in the ring with an opponent. This time, Jordan gets hit with a right hook and falls flat to the floor.

Stallone, whose character trains Adonis in the seventh installment of the “Rocky” series, tweeted that Jordan was able to get up after “getting knocked out for real.” While we can’t know for sure if Jordan was actually knocked unconscious, he definitely took a blow, as seen in Stallone’s video.

Jordan details his demanding preparation for the role in a video he tweeted in November. “My training has been pretty intense,” he said in the video. “I boxed three or four days a week and I weight trained every day for about eight months straight.”

Jordan added, “I lived the live of a boxer for almost a year, and it was awesome.”

Despite the brutal hits, Jordan told the Associated Press he would want to work with his co-stars Stallone and Tessa Thompson again in a sequel. But first the “Creed” team must navigate awards, and Stallone could make history with an Oscar nomination. If he makes it into the competitive category for best supporting actor, he’ll join a select group of actors who have been nominated twice for playing the same character. Stallone was nominated for a Golden Globes award for best supporting actor in a motion picture.