Saturday was well-spent at Comic-Con with television and film taking over San Diego in the company of A-listers.

Hotly anticipated TV panels, such as the recently cancelled “Hannibal” hit the convention center, while huge properties like “X-Men,” Ben Affleck’s “Batman v Superman” and Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” wowed the massive crowds.

Check out the best quotes from Comic-Con Day 3.

“It’s really awkward because it’s always a regular name…Joffrey, Cersei, Alan. It doesn’t really work.” — “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams brought laughs to the audience at TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorites panel when explaining that her most frequent fan request is to insert fans’ names into Arya Stark’s list of people to kill

“They just don’t tell us anything, that’s how much they trust us.” — Also on TV Guide’s Fan Favorites panel, Ming-Na Wen of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” talked about her Marvel bosses preventing the cast from spoilers

“If they win an Emmy, it’ll say “The Simpsons.” — Al Jean jokes about this past year’s “Family Guy” crossover episode with “The Simpsons”

“I hope we don’t lose the ability to make fun of stuff because it becomes not PC.” — “The Simpsons” showrunner also commented on the state of comedy, during the annual Comic-Con panel

“It’s a little dangerous. We’re quite small.” — Kermit the Frog explained that he’s a bit weary of Comic-Con, as he and “The Muppets” made their Comic-Con debut

“She’s not exactly light.” — Eric Jacobson, the voice of Miss Piggy, caused a playful audience uproar when he explained the challenges of being the puppeteer to a heavy Muppet (he clarified that the character is densely made of foam)

“NBC allowed us to do some crazy sh-t for three years.” — “Hannibal” creator Bryan Fuller gave kudos to the network that cancelled his show; he also teased a “Hannibal” movie

“There must be no more flower crowns in the world.” — Hugh Dancy looked out at the audience in Ballroom 20 where “Fannibals” were donning the accessory, which symbolizes devotion to his show, “Hannibal”

“Looks like we’re ready to make some chimi-f–king-changas in here.” — Ryan Reynolds greeted fans, taking the stage in Hall H for “Deadpool’s” panel

“I’ve only ever done one other proper, actually not proper, superhero movie.” — Reynolds humbly made a dig at his former “Green Lantern,” while promoting “Deadpool” at the annual megabits

“One more time!” — Fans in Hall H chant and give a standing ovation, demanding the “Deadpool” trailer play again, shocking Reynolds with the overwhelming response

“I can’t concentrate because I’m still psyched about the Deadpool trailer.” — “X-Men Apocalypse” star Nicholas Hoult geeked out at Comic-Con

“I’d like to bring out some of our friends.” — Bryan Singer with the understatement of a lifetime, as he presented the entire “X-Men Apocalypse” cast: 16 people in total, including Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, who surprised Hall H