The opening of Cinemark’s Playa Vista movie theater Thursday signifies an attempt to create the ultimate L.A. cinema, despite its physical distance from Hollywood.

Between the theater’s luxury seating options, swanky food and alcohol choices, high-tech presentation and Silicon Beach location, the Cinemark team hopes the multiplex will appeal to both demanding film fans and those seeking to employ the space for business uses such as premieres and seminars.

The nine-screen Cinemark boasts reclining leather chairs, some with small tray tables attached for comfortable food and beverage consumption. In addition to standard movie fare like popcorn and soft drinks, the Reserve Level offers higher-end options like quinoa and kale salad or fish tacos, along with a full bar.

As far as the technological specs go, Cinemark claims that the new location is the most high-tech theater in the U.S. The special XD theater (Cinemark’s own answer to Imax) has a 70-foot screen with more than 60 speakers, which are both Dolby Atmos and Barco 11.1 Auro-ready. There are also both satellite and fiber-optic broadcast capabilities, and the Barco 4K digital projection system can project 14-foot lamberts of light for 3D.

James Meredith, head of marketing and communications for Cinemark, said the theater was built with movie premieres and red-carpet events in mind. In addition to the food and seating amenities, the XD theater has a dedicated green room and private entrance for talent, attracting those interested in giving Q&As or keynote addresses. Meredith also pointed out that the theater’s location is convenient to LAX, Sony and Lionsgate.

Events held at Cinemark would benefit from its tech specs, Meredith said, with the possibility of beaming premiere or event footage to remote screens. All the theater’s display boards and poster cases are digital, and could be programmed to show messages and images unique to the event at hand.

At the multiplex’s opening ceremony, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to the importance of Cinemark’s Silicon Beach location, with offices for Google, Facebook, Microsoft and YouTube nearby. “We’re building a new urban paradigm here not just for Los Angeles and California but for the United States,” he said. “Playa Vista has such a bright future. With the giant XD screen and the state of the art sound comes the ability to use these theaters not just for movies but to communicate across the country and across the world.”