Mockingbird Pictures has released exclusively to Variety the first photo of the romantic dramedy “The Sweet Life,” starring Chris Messina and Abigail Spencer.

Rob Spera directed from Jared Rappaport’s script, in which a couple meets in Chicago and makes a pact to drive to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to commit suicide. Tyson Ritter (“Parenthood”) and Maggie Siff (“Sons of Anarchy”) also star.

Producers are Julie Lynn and Bonnie Curtis of Mockingbird Pictures.

There has been a decades-long effort to install a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge. Steel nets will be put below the bridge over the next few years.

“We were unaware of the suicide barrier and the future construction of the nets when we first began to prepare our film,” Curtis said. “We are now deeply aware and applaud the heroic efforts of the men and women who fight daily to save lives at the bridge.”

Spencer said she believes this film “will start a conversation that will bring hope to a hopeless place.”

“I think my character Lolita represents in her singular way something that is going on culturally and internally in many young women today who are dealing with the choice of suicide,” she said.

The filmmakers plan a future association with the Bridge Authority, as well as the local San Francisco Suicide Prevention Association and the Bridge Rail Foundation. “The Sweet Life” will have the hotline numbers for the organizations in its end credits, and the filmmakers plan to have a special benefit screening in San Francisco after playing the festival circuit early next year.