Cecile de France will star in “Fanny’s Journey,” a WWII-set drama based on Fanny Ben Ami’s autobiography and directed by Lola Doillon (“Just About Love”).

Nicolas Eschbach’s Indie Sales has come on board to handle international sales. Doillon and Anne Peyregne adapted “Fanny’s Diary,” Ben Ami’s autobiography.

The movie unfolds during World War II and tells the true story of 13-year-old girl who with her little sisters and eight other Jewish children who were being sheltered and managed to flee to the Swiss border and avoid the deaths camps.

“At first I hesitated getting into this story as I am not Jewish. I asked myself if I was legitimate enough. Eventually I realize that this story is far beyond a matter of beliefs, it is part of everyone’s history,” explained Doillon, who added, “Today it’s still difficult to explain what happened during that time to a child, but through this film, I wanted to keep the memory alive, in my own way.”

” ‘Fanny’s Journey’ is a tale of bravery, strength and survival, a story of a daring young girl who will stop at nothing and fear no one,” said Eschbach.

“There hasn’t been many WWII-set movies told through the eyes of children and young adults and that makes this film original. Lola Doillon’s film will be both a coming-of-age story and a family/adventure film,” added Eschbach.

Doillon’s feature debut, “Just About Love,” screened in Un Certain Regard in 2007.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in July.

Diaphana will release “Fanny’s Journey” in France in 2016.