LYON, France– Carlotta Films U.S. is joining forces with Kino Lorber to release the restored copy of “Out 1,” Jacques Rivette’s cult film, on all formats.

Carlotta Films U.S. and Kino Lorber previously collaborated on the DVD, blu-ray and VOD releases of two Leos Carax movies, “Boy Meets Girl” and “Mauvais Sang.”

Carlotta founder Vincent Paul-Boncour, who launched the U.S. division two years ago, said the company started working on the restoration of “Out 1” many years.

“It’s a mythical movie in the history of French cinema and film in general, a Holy Grail for many French and American cinefils. It’s a work-of-art from Jacques Rivette, one of the most important of the New Wave starring many of the New Wave talents: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Bulle Ogier, Michael Lonsdale, Bernadette Lafont, and in small roles Eric Rohmer and Barbet Schroeder,” explained Paul-Boncour.

This film had disappeared for a very long time. “Up until recently it was nearly impossible to show ‘Out 1’ other than in a used copy in 16 millimeters in standard definition,” per Paul-Boncour. The exec said the movie was released in DVD in Germany a few years ago with the best available material but even then the quality wasn’t great.

Paul-Boncour pointed out the restoration of “Out 1” in high-definition in 2K was enabled thanks to the digitization plan launched by the CNC.

Technicolor handled the restoration under the supervision of the movie’s cinematographer, Pierre-William Glenn. Two versions have been restored — a long one: Out 1: Noli Me Tangere, which comes in 8 episodes and lasts 12.5 hours, and a short version, “Out 1: Spectre” which last 4.5 hours.

The full version will come out in France and in the U.S. in November in theaters, almost for the first time since there has only been a few unique screenings for the pic in film institute since 1970.

The release plan includes a DVD and Blu-ray, a collector box with both versions as well as a documentary made especially for the box which explores the genesis of the movie and a 120-page booklet.

The two companies will also build an event around the VOD release of “Out 1.”

In France, the distribution of the DVD will be handled by Sony (SPHE) and in the U.S. it will be overseen by Kino Lorber, in collaboration with Carlotta Films U.S..

“Out 1” will roll out theatrical at the BAM in Brooklyn, which is an arthouse theater as well as a stage theater — an ideal venue for “Out 1” since it can be perceived as a theatrical work considering its length, argued Paul-Boncour.

The movie will play for two weeks at the BAM; it’s considered a long run for a heritage movie. It’s also programmed at Los Angeles’s CineFamily theater along with other U.S. cities.