“Cake” producer Kristin Hahn has launched her own Los Angeles-based production company, Hahnscape Entertainment, which will focus on acquiring rights to and developing literary material she will write and produce.

Hahnscape’s first project to be developed under the banner will be “Tumbledown,” which was written by Desiree Van Til and directed by Sean Mewshaw. It will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18.

The film follows a young woman (Rebecca Hall) who is forced to confront the loss of her acclaimed folk-singer husband and the ambiguous circumstances surrounding his death when a brash New York writer (Jason Sudeikis) visits her hometown in rural Maine to investigate the tragedy.

The banner is also developing the film “In the Flesh,” which Hahn is currently writing. She will also produce the pic along with Temple Hill.

“I’m excited to build Hahnscape Entertainment into a home for compelling, character-driven stories with the depth and power to speak to a wide audience,” said Hahn. “It feels good to get back to my writing roots, crafting stories for the screen while continuing the work I love so much — producing and collaborating with inspired filmmakers in a creative and nurturing environment.”

Hahn previously helped Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt with the founding of Plan B Entertainment, where she helped oversee such projects as “The Mighty Heart” and “The Departed.” After leaving Plan B, she co-founded Echo Films with Aniston, producing “The Switch,” starring Aniston and Jason Bateman, as well as the TV series “Five,” an anthology series of five short films designed to entertain and spotlight a topic of social import.

Though she is forming this new company, Hahn will continue to work with Aniston at Echo Films, where the two are currently producing the pic “The Goree Girls.”