Bruce Willis will star as a Los Angeles private investigator in an untitled action-comedy for Voltage Pictures with shooting starting June 29 in Venice, Calif.

Voltage Pictures will be launching international sales in Cannes. Voltage, CAA and WME will be representing U.S. rights.

Willis’s character, a contemporary throwback to hard-boiled Los Angeles detectives, will see his professional and personal worlds collide when his dog Buddy is stolen by a notorious gang. He faces off against ruthless gang leaders, angry Samoan brothers, a loan shark and his goons and many other shady characters in his effort to get Buddy back.

The film will be directed by Mark and Robb Cullen. Mark Cullen, Robb Cullen, Nicolas Chartier, Zev Foreman and Laura Ford will be producing.

“This is the perfect film for Bruce, going back to his great roles in ‘The Whole 9 Yards’ and ‘Pulp Fictio,'” said Chartier.