Icelandic director/producer Baltasar Kormakur, who’s in Berlin to present Dagur Kari’s “Virgin Mountain,” is prepping “The Oath,” a tense psychological thriller.

Kormakur has just come off of “Everest,” a 3D disaster movie with Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, Keira Knightley, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robin Wright, which is set up at Universal.

He will be producing “The Oath,” along with Agnes Johansen with his Reykjavik-based RVK Studios banner.

Penned by Olafur Egilsson and co-written Kormakur, the pic turns on Finnur, a well-respected doctor and family man whose life gets out of control after his daughter starts dating a dangerous criminal, Ottar.

“It’s about one man who has it all and another who has nothing to lose. Such opposing lives, who’s paths should never have crossed but who are now tangled up in each others futures,”  Kormakur told Variety.

” ‘The Oath’ seems like the perfect project for me, coming off the back of a big-scale adventure film like ‘Everest.’ I want to delve into an intimate, dark and psychological world where the characters are claustrophobic,” said Kormakur, adding that the film was in a way “the realistic version of ‘Taken’ depicting a father — not a super daddy — risking everything to save his daughter.”

Kormakur is currently meeting with potential partners in Europe and the U.S..

“The Oath” could potentially end up following the same path as “Vikingr,” which was first developed by Kormakur through RVK Studios before being picked up by Universal. RVK Studios remains the movie’s producer, along Marc Platt Prods. and Working Title.

Besides “Vikingr,” Kormakur also has Hollywood projects in the pipeline, also said he was on board to direct “Cascade,” for which Cate Blanchett is in negotiations to star.